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What’s Special about Google?

Here we are in Asian internet meltdown.

I'm going through loops to be able to post here. All non-China hosted websites are essentially unreachable (unless you are lucky enough to manage to grab one of the very few connections available, and then not lose it!).

Except one. Now, I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but I'd like to know why it is that the only international site I can unfailingly get to in these difficult times is Google! I can pick up my email via Gmail (no problem). I can search (although I can't get to the sites it brings up) and I can check my Adsense account. The only site outside of China which seems to work is Google. Do they have a special connection? What is going on? They were heavily criticised for bowing down to China's censorship demands. I want to know exactly what deal they made?

Even though this helps me – I'm still getting my email – I remain deeply suspicious!

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