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Liuzhou in Beijing

I am surprised to learn that should I ever get homesick for Liuzhou food on my rare visits to Beijing, I can now pop into a Liuzhou restaurant!

龙城堂 (long cheng tang)

 Longcheng was the old name for Liuzhou and means Dragon City, which is still used as a kind of nickname for the city. And they have named the restaurant after the city.

I must admit that, apart from Snail Noodles and Dog Hotpot, I am not entirely sure what Liuzhou Cuisine is! I tend to eat Hunan and Sichuan food most of the time. As in all Chinese cities, there are literally thousands of restaurants here. There are restaurants here representing every part of China. But I’ve never seen a restaurant billing itself as a Liuzhou restaurant! Liuzhou food is what we eat at home, and this place claims to provide local family style cooking.

The restaurant is listed in some guides as offering Guilin food, but I know better! They are just using the name of the more famous tourist destination to the north of here, where the food is similar, but not exactly the same.

I know one of my two readers is in Beijing, so if you want to pop in and sample the delights, here is the address. Let me know what you think!


Tel: 010— 64021459

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