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The One Meter Race

To say that things are different here would be the understatement of all time. I can’t begin to list the differences between Chinese and European culture. So, it is nice when the two cultures do come together. Perhaps not surprisingly, this story involves beer!

I have mentioned before that Chinese men (in particular) have a tendency to see beer drinking as some kind of competitive sport. They play elaborate drinking games and the loser has to drink as a punishment. Not how I like to drink.

Last March, two Dutch guys opened a bar here in Liuzhou. They have attempted to keep it Dutch in spirit and The Wooden Shoe attracts both Chinese and foreigner customers. They serve beers, coffees and a wide range of Dutch and Indonesian style food plus burgers, sandwiches etc.

One meter of beer One of their gimmicks is the popular “meter of beer” (pictured right). This contains about the equivalent of two standard 630 ml bottles of beer and is usually shared by two or more people.

Apparently, a Dutch custom.

On Friday night, they came up with a new idea which suited the locals very much. “The LiQuan Meter Race”.

Contestants had to down one meter each in the shortest possible time. Two at a time, contestants faced each other and a bell was rung to set them off. Sick buckets were provided.

The place was packed and a fair number of people attempted the feat, including a couple of Chinese girls. Most contestants were Chinese but there were also a few foreigners. The winner, who downed his meter in around 48 seconds, was German. So, no surprises there!

Your humble correspondent did not compete, but managed to stagger home with one of the prizes (which a contestant didn’t want.) A LiQuan Beer ashtray. Pity I gave up smoking really.

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