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Painted Veils

As the internet in China comes slowly back to its senses, I come across two stories about Guangxi. One is the notice of a new movie starring Naomi Watts and Edward Norton. Based on a Somerset Maugham story, it is set in 1925 Guangxi, just a bit to the north of Liuzhou. Should you want […]

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China Daily Oddities

Since the Great Internet Meltdown, I have increasingly relied on China Daily for news. This is not good. The newspaper, like all Chinese newspapers, is controlled by the government and is little more than a propaganda exercise. I never normally read it. The online version is only slightly better. It should also be noted that […]

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What’s Special about Google?

Here we are in Asian internet meltdown. I'm going through loops to be able to post here. All non-China hosted websites are essentially unreachable (unless you are lucky enough to manage to grab one of the very few connections available, and then not lose it!). Except one. Now, I'm not a big fan of conspiracy […]

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China International Internet Cut Off! – Updated

At approximately 7:00 this morning, the connection to most international websites disappeared. All day I was muttering under my breath that they had finally gone completely mad and blocked everything outside of China (Chinese sites still work fine.) However, I now find that, in fact, the problem is that there was an earthquake in Taiwan […]

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Sheng Dan Kuai Le!

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Record Holding Santa in Liuzhou

For some reason, a Singapore chocolate company decided to make two giant chocolate Santas. These chaps are 1.1 meters tall and contain 80 kg of chocolate. According to this article, “Chocz, a gourmet chocolate company, crafted two of these Santas. One is staying put in Singapore, while the other was donated recently to the Liuzhou […]

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Liuzhou in Beijing

I am surprised to learn that should I ever get homesick for Liuzhou food on my rare visits to Beijing, I can now pop into a Liuzhou restaurant! 龙城堂 (long cheng tang)  Longcheng was the old name for Liuzhou and means Dragon City, which is still used as a kind of nickname for the city. […]

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The One Meter Race

To say that things are different here would be the understatement of all time. I can’t begin to list the differences between Chinese and European culture. So, it is nice when the two cultures do come together. Perhaps not surprisingly, this story involves beer! I have mentioned before that Chinese men (in particular) have a […]

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