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Liuzhou Army Knife

The local beer company, based in Guilin, the tourist city about 150 km to the north of Liuzhou, make a fine brew. Mr Liquan and his brew have served me well. It is a beer most visitors to China come across. Yangshuo is so on the tourist map and that is the local beer. (I’m […]

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Bilingual Beggars

There are several types of beggars here in Liuzhou. There are the ones who provide some sort of service in exchange for small change. Buskers really. There is one guy who sits near KFC playing his erhu (Chinese two stringed instrument). The only problem is that he cannot play! Even I could do better and […]

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I Been to Sugar Town

For a few years now, the local supermarket (and a few bakers) have been selling French style baguettes. To be honest, they weren’t that great and often somewhat stale, but in a country where 99.99% of so-called bread is actually cake, they were a refreshing change. There is a shop in town which sells real […]

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Where is Ireland?

I read in Finfacts website that “G.M. executives from all over the world have been traveling to Wuling’s headquarters in Liuzhou, an obscure city in southernmost China” What is obscure about it? The reporter has never heard of it? The near 700,000 people living here certainly know where they are! In fact, Liuzhou is a […]

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There’s no water in your well

I can't remember the last time it rained here. Months ago. Here we are, well into November and the temperature is still hovering around between 20° and 30°C. The average temperature for November is normally between and 10° and 19°C. While I am not one to complain about the weather being too warm or dry, […]

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What colour are oranges?

One of my favourite things is going for a wander to the market. Here, most food is very seasonal. Not much is flown in to satisfy demand for strawberries at Christmas etc. As China prospers, this will no doubt change. But for now, going to the market can be exciting as I wait to see […]

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Happy Bachelors’ Day

I was strolling home this afternoon and passed one of the city’s more popular bar / night clubs. I can’t stand the place myself, so don’t usually pay much attention, but for some reason the sign outside caught my eye. It was promoting a special party to celebrate “Bachelors’ Day”. I’ve mentioned before that China […]

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This is totally off topic, but it’s my blog so I’ll do what I like! I have been in China for nearly ten years, but before I got here I lived in London for about 20 years. Like most Londoners, I had my local pub, the Norfolk Arms, pictured left. Here I spent many a […]

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Prime Minister Visits Liuzhou

Here is an odd story. The Guangxi branch of Xinhua (China’s State News Agency) have announced today that Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao has visited Liuzhou.  10 days ago!   Apparently, he visited various local factories and waved to the workers. He also visited some retired workers who told him how happy they were and how […]

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Phoenix Hawk Drops In

Mere days after informing you about Japanese Giant Flying Squirrels running around the streets of Liuzhou, I read that we now have strange birds dropping in, too. This chap turned up at a local builders’ supplies market, by flying into a plate glass window and stunning itself. Before it could say “ouch!”, it had been […]

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