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Petaurista leucogenys

I have to confess that Latin was not my favourite subject at school. I couldn’t work out why Romans felt the need to talk in secret code when they could be talking perfectly sensible English.  But over the years, the rudimentary Latin that remains in what passes for my brain has sometimes proved useful. But it didn’t help me with Petaurista leucogenys.

I read that a rare and initially unidentified animal was found running around the south bus station. After chasing the beast for a while, the security guys finallly caught it.

It has since been identified by Liuzhou Zoo as a Petaurista leucogenys. Well, that clears that up!
I check with my good friend, Mr Google.
It seems that it is a Japanese Giant Flying Squirrel.

Whatever it is, it seems that someone was trying to trade it when it flew away! Selling strange and exotic animals is a very lucrative occupation. But illegal.
The story ends abruptly without mentioning what happened to the poor animal next. I’m guessing the security guys had it for dinner.

“What’s for dinner tonight, darling?”

“Stir fried Petaurista leucogenys”

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