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Fame At Last

On the 10th of October, around 5:30 pm (Beijing time), I was pottering around on the computer as usual, Googling for something or other, and accidentally clicked on a link to a Wikipedia article. Knowing that Wikipedia was blocked in China, I was just about to hit the stop button when, to my surprise, I noticed that it was connecting.

I was wiki-unblocked.

Being blessed with the ability to to do more than one thing at a time, I was also logged in to the very excellent, and so I mentioned my discovery there. Then forgot about it.

Today, to my surprise, I was contacted by a journalist who works for “The Wall Street Journal”, which I have reason to believe is an American newspaper. She wants to ask me some questions. She has tracked me down via, where my original report turned up.

Being a polite chap, I answer her questions to the best of my ability then go look at Wikipedia’s entry on the block. There, I read that

The first report of a change was by a blogger in Liuzhou, Guangxi, who posted his finding to an online forum at about 6 pm on October 10, 2006, Beijing Time.

That was me! 1.3 billion people and I was first to report it?

I just wish I could remember what I was Googling for!

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