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Everybody Must Get Stoned

Another of Liuzhou’s attractions, for some people, is stones. Fantastic Stones. For reasons known only to those in the know, some people like to collect stones. It seems to be particularly popular amongst Japanese and Koreans, but spreads out to Europe and The Americas, too. They are either displayed in the nude or are used […]

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Petaurista leucogenys

I have to confess that Latin was not my favourite subject at school. I couldn’t work out why Romans felt the need to talk in secret code when they could be talking perfectly sensible English.  But over the years, the rudimentary Latin that remains in what passes for my brain has sometimes proved useful. But […]

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Fame At Last

On the 10th of October, around 5:30 pm (Beijing time), I was pottering around on the computer as usual, Googling for something or other, and accidentally clicked on a link to a Wikipedia article. Knowing that Wikipedia was blocked in China, I was just about to hit the stop button when, to my surprise, I […]

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Internet bars and guns

Two Liuzhou stories in China Daily today show how exciting life can sometimes be. First, Someone had an expensive trip to a Liuzhou net bar. “A man surnamed Wei was ordered to pay 20,000 yuan (US$2,525) as compensation after he smashed the computers and desks of a cyber cafe in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, […]

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Some pictures. Point your mouse near the top and you should get a caption for most pictures. New pictures are added regularly

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Times Reporter Gets Lost (Again)

What is it with travel journalists?  Here we are in the third biggest country in the world and every journalist on the planet seems to visit the same four over-exposed tourist traps! Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and Guilin. There's nothing wrong with those places (actually, there is), but there is so much more! So, I'm a […]

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