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Lift up your glasses and sing

It was entirely my fault, but I’m going to blame sister-in-law anyway. It was her idea to have a birthday! Mrs Laowai is away on business, so it was only me. Sister-in-law calls. “Come to dinner. 6 pm.” I didn’t get to live this long by ignoring the commands from the in-laws, so off I […]

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10 year sentence

About a year ago, the sordid dive that was Liuzhou’s zoo moved from the city centre’s Liuhou park to a new site on the edge of town. I haven’t been and have no intentions of ever going. Chinese zoos leave a lot to be desired. So I felt sorry to hear of two poor creatures […]

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Welcome to China Mobile

This could be complicated. Like everyone else in China, I have a mobile phone, but it’s not registered in my name. When I got it, several years ago, it wasn’t so easy for a foreigner (laowai) to get a phone. The computer program they were using demanded a Chinese person’s ID card number, which I […]

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