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Modern Times

For the last week or so, I have been strolling the streets of Liuzhou with my head full of Bob Dylan’s newest album, Modern Times. I am listening to it through the MP3 player built into my Nokia mobile phone. Of course, although the CD was released on Tuesday, it is not available here. They’re […]

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Sex change 70 year old and the buffalo down the well

A couple of bizarre stories in the newspapers this week. First comes news that a 70 year old Liuzhou woman turns out to be a 70 year old Liuzhou man. According to China Daily: Genetic testing in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, recently revealed a 70-year-old “woman” surnamed Zhang to be, in fact, a man. […]

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Hail the triumphant birth of the Liuzhou Steel Factory Revolutionary Committee!

One of Liuzhou’s largest employers is the local steel factory, Liugang. I came across this and had to share. It is a poster from the cultural revolution (April 1968). The writing at the bottom reads “Hail the Triumphant Birth of the Liuzhou Steel Factory Revolutionary Committee!” Indeed! found at

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Come Gather Round, People

One thing the locals love to get up to is singing folksongs. Liuzhou is famous (allegedly) for its folk song culture and it is certainly possible to come across groups of people singing in the local parks and by the riverside. Liu San Jie (Third Sister Liu) was a legendary figure who allegedly came from […]

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For reasons which are completely unclear, this site and many other blogs have suddenly been unblocked here in China after being censored for almost exactly a year. No explanations will ever be given. They never even admit that they block sites. Of course, their blocks are completely ineffective. I can get round them all. Sites […]

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Well, as I mentioned before, I took a trip north to my old stalking grounds in West Hunan. I lived there ten years ago and this was my first trip back. My ultimate destination was the remote town of Yuanling. Getting there involves an 8 hour overnight train journey followed by a three hour bus […]

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It takes a train to cry

 I’m off travelling. A short trip north to the neighbouring province of Hunan, where I lived 10 years ago. Looking forward to seeing old friends and eating the wonderful food! However! This involves buying a train ticket. It is a matter of deep religious and moral principle that I will not enter the bowels of […]

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Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

A few people have asked me if I felt the earthquakes today. Apparently, two minor tremors were felt throughout the city. I managed to sleep through them both. That siesta culture! I’ll scour the newspapers tomorrow to see if there is any mention, but given the control freakery over news round here and the reluctance […]

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