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The Leaning Tower of Liuzhou

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I am completely confused! Some idiot has completely stolen my website! I have discovered that, a site I know nothing about, is 100% identical to mine! But to what end? They are not siphoning off anyone who wants to contact me. The “contact me” feature doesn’t work in their version! Google Ads are, as […]

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Time Travel

I've just got off the phone. I was talking to Mrs Liuzhou Laowai who is in England. She was watching the World Cup game between Japan and Croatia. I switched on my television to see what was happening and what she was talking about. For a few minutes total confusion reigned. Situation normal! Her English […]

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Muttering Small Talk At The Wall

Those who know me well are aware that, when I am not muttering small talk at the wall or either enthusing or complaining about China, I am a bit of a fan of Mr. Robert Dylan. As far as I know, he has never visited these shores (except maybe Hong Kong) and has certainly never […]

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High Water Everywhere

Yesterday, I was trapped for hours. Just below my apartment there is a slight depression. Every now and again, the drains get blocked and, in the rainy season, it floods. The local shopkeepers rush around baling out their shops and rescuing their various goods which are floating down to river. What I really wanted to […]

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