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The PLA and Perfect Breasts

I am relieved to discover that the People’s Liberation Army, when they are not mowing down protesters or sabre rattling across the Taiwan straights, turn their minds to more serious matters such as defining the perfect breast.

According to a recent article (sadly, now deleted), perfect breasts should be attached to the female of the species, come in pairs and be “abundant”, “symmetrical” and “firm”.

However, it seems that this is not scientific enough, so we do further research.

We discover that for perfection status, the breasts in question should lie high on the body between the 2nd and 6th rib gap, with the nipple at the 4th.

Also, the nipple to nipple distance should be precisely 20 centimetres. The breast diameter should be 10 to 12 cm and the distance from the bottom of the breast to the nipple should be 5 to 6 cm.

The article continues in this vein for a while, but I got bored reading the nonsense and skipped to the pictures!

In fact, the article is a plug for an army hospital offering cosmetic surgery and they assure us that together the army and you “will create a beautiful future” with your new tits!

Now, where did I put that tape measure?

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