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Beer City

According to a recent article, Liuzhou is Guangxi’s Beer City. Apparently, the locals drink double the national average for beer consumption. It is said that the average annual consumption is 19 litres, where as Liuzhou’s is more like 34 litres.  What they obviously haven’t taken into consideration is my consumption of 40+litres a week raising the average.

The main point of the article is about the opening of a  new beer factory in the city,  However, it is not so long since Liuzhou’s Yufeng brewery went out of business. It seems that they didn’t realise that water mixed with formaldehyde isn’t beer. It was truly foul stuff. Local favourite, by far, is Liquan Beer ‘imported’ from Guilin where they do know a thing or two about beer.

However, despite being the most popular beer, it is almost impossible to buy Liquan in the city’s many bars. It seems that people are unwilling to spend bar prices for beer they can get on every street corner store for next to nothing. So, when they go to bars, they like to spend their cash on expensive imported ‘beers’ such as Bud and Sol. As ivry fule noes, these are not classified as beer anywhere sensible!

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