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Computer Sweeping Day?

Many years ago in London, I popped into my local Volkswagen dealer to buy a set of replacement wiper blades and left with a brand new car. Not what I had intended. I had a similar experience this weekend. As I have mentioned, I’ve been having a spot of computer trouble.

On Saturday morning, I called my local friendly expert, but he was unable to come to me as he was busy sweeping his ancestors’ graves. (I’m not making this up! This is the time of year for just this sort of activity. It’s known as Qing Ming.) Anyway, friend suggests that I drop into his emporium in the local bicycle and computer market. Don’t ask me why there is one market dedicated to such a combination as bicycles and computers. It would take a Confucian to work that one out.

It is the sort of place where old computers (and bicycles) come to die, but not before having every recyclable or transplantable scrap removed. (You can also buy new stuff, but they don’t recommend it!)  In he market, it takes friend about 30 seconds to spot what I had missed. The motherboard is host to a blown up, burned out capacitor surrounded by charred chips. After a few minutes of weeping and wailing and showing respect for my old friend (on which I created 90% of the blog entries here), it is decided to salvage the few remaining functional parts and rebuild a computer from scratch.

Five hours later and ¥600 lighter in the old bank account, I leave, the proud possessor of a new(ish) machine. Back home I spend hours re-installing. The tragedy was that I was required to stump up hard cash for a new copy of Windows! A nice shiny copy of XP Professional SP2 cost me a whole ¥10 (around 70 pence UK, $1.25 US or €1)! Daylight robbery! Next week I’m going back with Computer No 2. Wish me luck.

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