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Bird Flu?

Just a few days ago, the local papers were boasting about the 'ten thousand' egrets 'dancing' on the river running through Liuzhou. THe birds were here, they claimed, as proof of the wisdom and leadership of the local Communist Party in improving the city's air and water quality. This all backfired somewhat, when they announced […]

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The PLA and Perfect Breasts

I am relieved to discover that the People’s Liberation Army, when they are not mowing down protesters or sabre rattling across the Taiwan straights, turn their minds to more serious matters such as defining the perfect breast. According to a recent article (sadly, now deleted), perfect breasts should be attached to the female of the […]

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Beer City

According to a recent article, Liuzhou is Guangxi’s Beer City. Apparently, the locals drink double the national average for beer consumption. It is said that the average annual consumption is 19 litres, where as Liuzhou’s is more like 34 litres.  What they obviously haven’t taken into consideration is my consumption of 40+litres a week raising the […]

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Trite Bollocks

6,000 years of history. A rich and varied culture. Some of the world’s greatest literature, art and philosophy. Home to Confucius and LaoZi and the Teracotta Warriors. And what does the leader of the largest population on the planet come up with to seal his reputation as a great and wise reader? This trite, simplistic […]

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Computer Sweeping Day?

Many years ago in London, I popped into my local Volkswagen dealer to buy a set of replacement wiper blades and left with a brand new car. Not what I had intended. I had a similar experience this weekend. As I have mentioned, I’ve been having a spot of computer trouble. On Saturday morning, I […]

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Bloody Computers!

I’ve been having a major “computers deciding not to work for no obvious reason” week! The memory chips in computer number 1 have had some kind of lovers tiff with the motherboard and gone off in the huff. The monitor on computer number 2 has decided to display everything in delicate shades of puke yellow […]

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