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I was staggering home the other evening, laden down by the spoils I had gathered from the local supermarket when I suddenly noticed that my eyesight was fading. Everything became misty and out of focus. Just at that moment two fire trucks from the local fire station shot past me in full siren mode. All […]

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Merry Mosquitos

I’m so happy I could even listen to my neighbours singing off key Karaoke without going completely insane. Well, slight exaggeration, but… What has caused this ecstasy? Too many drugs or not enough? NO! Last night, at some indeterminate hour, I received my first mosquito bite of the year! This is excellent news! Not that […]

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Tree Painters

I’m confused. Again. Actually, I’ve been confused about this for years and, although I have asked many people for an explanation, the varying answers just made me more confused. Throughout China, trees are required to be painted white from ground level to around one metre or so above. Every winter teams of tree painters descend […]

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Liuzhou Laurels 2006

It’s that time of year again! The votes are in and counted; the nominees are huddled in nervous anticipation. Will they be praised, humiliated or, even worse, totally ignored. The wait is over. Here we go. As ever, the Liuzhou Laowai Laurels are awarded to Liuzhou organisations or businesses (or Liuzhou branches of national concerns) […]

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It’s Not Fare!

In another step on the march to socialism, Liuzhou’s Bus Co. did the unthinkable and raised the bus fares on Wednesday, 1st March. Prior to that, 99% of Liuzhou buses took you wherever you desired at a flat rate of ¥1 (7 pence UK, 12 cents US). Now you are required to come up a […]

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