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I got a house on a hill, I got hogs all out on in the mud

What a wonderful resource Technorati is. But for it, I would probably never found this bizarre tale. According to an article in Land + Living, a journal of modern design, the housing development pictured below is to be built here in Liuzhou. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the only mention of this I can find anywhere (apart from […]

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Geeza Job!

I have applied for many a job in my lifetime. Most I didn’t get. Most I didn’t deserve. I even went through a spell of trying to be the Pope for a while. Not that I’m catholic or religious. I just fancied my flat being a country all by itself and access to that library! […]

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Jingle Bells

On Friday night, the Liuzhou People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries invited a bunch of the resident laowai to a Christmas Party in a local hotel! As they do every year. In fact, it is the local government who organise it, but as official atheists they cannot be seen to support and celebrate decadent […]

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This humble blog celebrates its first birthday this month and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has wasted their time by dropping in, everyone who has encouraged me to continue and I would especially like to thank the Nanny for blocking this site and prevented all my friends from reading […]

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I really don't know what to make of this! I received an email this morning. It was not spam in the normal sense. It was sent directly from my website by someone who had spend a considerable amount of time exploring and finally went to the “contact me” page. It reads: me and my friend […]

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Fame at last

I am humbled, honoured and flattered to find that this simple blog has been included in a list of top China blogs on the highly respected Danwei website. To be listed alongside such heavyweights as ESWN, The Peking Duck and Sinosplice is deeply moving. Thank you guys. Now, please unblock me, Mr Nanny!

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Long Story

Regular readers (both of you) may have noticed that I have been a little on the quiet side recently. This is a) because I have been busy. b) because I was having problems entering new blogs. The lovely people at blog-city have aided me in getting around the problem (which appears to be a incompatibility […]

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One of the great pleasures of life in Liuzhou (or China) is the endless opportunity for jaywalking. It is a little known fact that I am the Honorary Life President of Jaywalkers International, or JOYWALKERS as we prefer to be known (Thanks, Pip!). Many is the happy hour or so I have spent leaping in […]

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