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Liuzhou is very much a city built around a river, so it is with sympathy and concern that I sit reading reports from Harbin. But what is this? “Families were reported to be stocking up on water by filling bathtubs and buckets..” (The Guardian) One of many similar comments I have read. Bathtubs? Bathtubs? I […]

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Trash and Knitting

One of the many contradictions about China is that, although there are unquestionably horrific environmental and pollution problems, at the same time, I have never seen so much effort put into recycling. It is certainly the only country I have lived in where I can routinely sell my garbage! In Liuzhou alone, there are thousands […]

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Coffins and Accidents

This week Liuzhou has featured not only in the national press, but internationally, too. There is a story in today’s New York Times on Liuzhou Coffins. The story recounts some of what I covered last December and January in my pieces on Coffins and Coffins Revisited, but adds more about Liuzhou’s coffin industry today. Additionally, […]

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