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Thank you Tina! I love you too!

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Ancient Noodles

According to an article in The Guardian today, Chinese scientists have uncovered a 4,000-year-old bowl of noodles. This comes as no surprise. I have often wondered about the age of some of the food I’ve been served! The final paragraph of the report reads: “The next question is what the Lajia people ate with their […]

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I was searching on Google last night when I came across something which seemed somewhat familiar. There is a site which contains a description of Liuzhou. I’m not going to do them the favour of linking to their shabby little site, as this would only improve their Google ranking, when they should actually be taken […]

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‘English’ in Liuzhou part one

I had the great displeasure the other day to come across yet another foreigner here in Liuzhou. He, who shall remain nameless and stateless (unless he annoys me again!), was going on and on about illegal immigrants in his home country, especially those from China. And what is this person doing here? Teaching English. Does […]

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