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Last Week

Last week wasn’t exactly one of the best.

First, I sat on my sunglasses and snapped them in half. They were a particularly expensive pair (which I found on a deserted Thai beach) and of great sentimental value. So, I had to go out to the nearest shades shop in full sunlight, eyes screwed up and half blind to find a new pair.

Then a couple of days later, I managed to get hit by cars twice in the same day. There I was standing by the ATM machine waiting for the person in front of me to finish their business when some idiot who was parked near me suddenly shot forward and hit me! Not hard admittedly. Certainly not as hard as I hit his car. A couple of hours later, I was standing talking to a friend when exactly the same thing happened again!

What is it with drivers round here? Can’t they grasp that the road is where the cars go and that thin strip on either side is for pedestrians? Or are they just too stupid to cope with the information overload caused by driving with their eyes open?

The amazing thing is that, on both occasions, when I challenged the drivers (well, that’s the polite way of putting it), they seemed totally astonished that I might feel a little put out at being rammed by their killer machines while standing in the correct part of the transport infrastructure minding my own business.

Since then, my washing machine has abandoned its ability to function normally. It washes happily, but refuses to spin dry. Damn. Have to buy a new one of those too.

Then of course, the Internet Nanny, Guardian of our Moral Welfare decided to block all blog-city blogs. Including this one. Of course, I am able to get round their pathetic blocks, so it has made no difference to me or my ability to post to it, but it does mean that people in Liuzhou (or elsewhere in China) aren’t going to get to it unless they are willing and able to go to some lengths to circumvent the block.

Of course, many people are using university networks or internet cafes where they are unable (forbidden) to install the necessary software and casual computer users are unlikely to change their whole set up just to read my rambling.

Unlike with my main site, I do not get location reports of visitors, so I don’t really know what proportion of readers are in China. So, I’ll hold on here for a bit and keepan eye on the number of hits. If they start to drop, I will unfortunately have to move the blog. I’ll give plenty of notice. It is now another week and I’ve got through most of Monday without major incident. Fingers crossed.

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