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Shopping Traumas Part 935

I have no idea what is going on. It must be a new fashion.

Today, I found myself with some time to kill and decided to pop into one of the city's many CD stores. You never know.

As soon as I inserted myself into the first store a young lady, presumably employed by the store, rushed up, attached herself to my right elbow and proceeded to follow me every inch of my route around the tiny shop. I mean, if she had gotten any closer, we would have had to use birth control. All the time she is wittering away in my ear about the excellent selection of music they are stocking.

Listen lady. Before I came to China, I lived within frisbee throwing distance of the Oxford Street Virgin Megastore. You do not have anything approaching an excellent selection. You have the same small but sad bunch of crap as every other store. There are no excellent CD stores in China. End of story.

I make it abundantly clear that I prefer to browse alone. She says OK, then pulls a random CD from the shelf and sticks it up my nose. I take it this is her way of making a recommendation. Song of the week or something.

Listen lady again! You do not know what I like. You do not know what I am interested in. You do not know what I already possess. You do not know what CD you are holding in your hand. Now, please go away.

I didn't actually say all of that, but did say the 'go away ' part. She didn't and continued to follow me at extremely close quarters. I ducked to the left, purposely strode to the right at top speed, slammed my brakes on and reversed all the way back to the front door. She never missed a step. Reaching the door, I ran.

By this time, I was fairly determined to buy a CD just to be annoying, so I headed to another store. The same thing! What is going on? I have visited (and bought from) these stores before without being subjected to this.

So, I gave up. They probably didn't have anything I wanted anyway.

On the way home, I popped into a small food store which usually has tinned sardines in olive oil (yum!). As I hopped through the door, a young girl bounced up to me and said, "Welcome! Welcome! What can I do for you?"

If you see any dead and dismembered sardine salesgirls lying around Liuzhou these next few days, please remember, I have already bought my alibi!

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