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Liuzhou Nonsense

I'm used to reading complete nonsense about China in the press and on the internet. I'm used to reading complete nonsense about Liuzhou, too. But this article (now deleted) takes the all-time prize. Among the more ridiculous claims made is that the river Liu which flows through the city is “the lifeblood of the nation” […]

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Slow Food!

I read in my local newspaper that a new Chinese Fast Food place has opened on Rongjun Road. The restaurant boss is quoted as boasting that the restaurant has no flame burners, no kitchen knives and no chef . Instead food is prepared entirely mechanically. Pre-prepared, bagged food is automatically heated in computer controlled steam […]

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Last Week

Last week wasn’t exactly one of the best. First, I sat on my sunglasses and snapped them in half. They were a particularly expensive pair (which I found on a deserted Thai beach) and of great sentimental value. So, I had to go out to the nearest shades shop in full sunlight, eyes screwed up […]

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New York Times (0) – Liuzhou (1)

Liuzhou hits the news. The New York Times has an article by a Keith Bradsher on General Motors and their joint venture with Liuzhou Wuling. He gets off to a bad start. “In this obscure corner of southern China…” OK Mr Bradsher. What is obscure about it? Come to that what is corner-ish about it. […]

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Shopping Traumas Part 935

I have no idea what is going on. It must be a new fashion. Today, I found myself with some time to kill and decided to pop into one of the city's many CD stores. You never know. As soon as I inserted myself into the first store a young lady, presumably employed by the […]

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