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Losing my Religion

I must be having some kind of spiritual crisis. Just recently, I have found myself in places of worship. As a good god-fearing athiest, I am becoming a little worried. First, I found myself hanging around Liuzhou’s Catholic church. But all is not what it seems. This imposing building appeared a few years ago in […]

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Mysterious things

O.K. I give up. What is it? I've come across two of these things now. They are about 6 inches square and set in the pavement (sidewalk). Click to enlarge

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Silver Surfer and the Taxi Virgins

This morning 150 new taxis hit the streets of Liuzhou. I saw my first at about 9:30. About 18 months ago the start price of a taxi dropped from ¥7 to ¥3. Suddenly it was impossible to get a taxi. Everyone decided that taxis were now cheap (in fact, they are only cheaper if you […]

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Put a tank in your tiger!

I nearly choked on my cornflakes. Well, I would have if I had any cornflakes. Let me start again. I nearly choked on my ròu bāo (肉包). I was reading the morning news and to my great regret I discovered that Liuzhou zoo’s 16 year old Siberian tiger is sick. I read through its symptoms […]

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The Blank of China

The only reason that I am not a multi-billionaire is that I suffer from that debilitating disease, desidiosus totus or complete laziness. There is hardly a day goes past without some foolproof money making scheme popping into my head. But I never get round to putting them into action. So, in a moment of astonishing […]

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Girls’ What!

I am not the type to mock the errors of strangers using my native language, so I do not usually post such material. After all, I know that I mangle the ancient and, no doubt, beautiful Chinese language on a daily basis and no one laughs at me. (Well, not many do! Well, not to […]

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Anti-Aging Beer

I have come across a refreshment which surely even my quack can’t complain about. Anti-aging beer! According to the producer’s website (German only), this beer contains various trace elements and general healthy stuff etc which will help you live for ever while remaining oblivious to the fact. (Very rough translation!) Given the Chinese near-obsession with […]

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Every summer I suffer from watermelon overload. I know people love them but, for me, they are the most overrated food going. Except, of course, as a medium for sculpture! Click on the pic!

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