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Random thoughts on life in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China

Hang around a inkwell

How do they expect anyone to recover without the aid of natural stimulants?

Don't they realise that it is dangerous to suddenly totally deprive a man of all his pleasures at once?

I have been sitting here at home for weeks attempting to get over the trauma of my recent hospitalisation, feeling weak and confused. Just as I reach the bottom, in a last desperate act of defiance, I fight back and start analysing the situation.

a) Why do I still feel like shit?

b) How long is it since I had a beer?

c) How long is it since I had a cup of coffee?

d) How long is it since I had a decent meal, laced with chilli, instead of this bland baby food?

It takes me but a second to realise that a) is not unlinked to b), c) and d).

Yes! They banned me from drinking beer or coffee and insisted that I give my liver a rest by cutting out spicy food.


(The check-up is next week. If you bump into me rolling around the streets of Liuzhou with a gallon of Liquan in one hand, a vat of coffee in the other and Hunan food dripping from my chops, then you'll know it went well. Either that or it didn't, and I've decided to end it all on one last binge!)

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