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This was left as a comment on my tale of sickness, but I feel that it deserves more prominence.

My sad story began “One of the advantages of being in China when you are sick is that there is no shortage of people to diagnose your malady, offer suggestions as to treatment and calculate your chances of recovery…. These sages of the healing arts include other doctors, passing nurses, the clerks in the administration section, the cleaners, other patients and their visitors, wandering flower salespersons, the taxi driver who brought you here, vagrants who have taken up residence in the emergency department etc.

The New York Times
has an article today (14th June 2005) which begins:

The ancient Babylonians had a creative approach to medical diagnosis. When someone got sick, relatives would haul the patient to the market square. There, passers-by were honor-bound to stop and discuss the patient’s symptoms, in the hope that one of them would recognize the illness and suggest a cure.
How lucky we are to have evolved beyond these random and primitive methods.

Thanks to Ken Wedding for the original comment.

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