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Flood Deaths in Liuzhou

A man struggles against flood waters in Liuzhou in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, which has been plagued by rainstorms. [Photo:Xinhua] Four people have died in Liuzhou over the weekend in flood related accidents. No details have yet been released. The heavy rain which we have been having for several days, peaking over the weekend, […]

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Children of Guangxi

It has come to my attention that a certain Brendan Fraser, an American-Canadian who earns obscene amounts of beer and noodle tokens in moving picture shows with unlikely plots involving Egyptian mummies returning from the dead, has announced his next venture – an epic entitled “Children of Guangxi”. This was announced at a press conference […]

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Misplaced Wife

WELCOME TO HONG KONG! It has been a strange day. I was pottering around at home (mainly because the monsoon weather was preventing me from doing what I really wanted to do) and generally exercising my talent for diligently and methodically doing absolutely nothing useful at all. Hey it’s Sunday! I was also expecting a […]

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Holy Pregnant Pandas!

Those fine people at People's Daily Online bring us the happy news that Meixiang, a panda on loan to Washington's American National Zoo, may be pregnant. It seems that Ms Panda was artificially inseminated. Most interesting information in the story is that, astonishingly, the sperm responsible for Meixiang's possible condition was donated by a male […]

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This was left as a comment on my tale of sickness, but I feel that it deserves more prominence. My sad story began “One of the advantages of being in China when you are sick is that there is no shortage of people to diagnose your malady, offer suggestions as to treatment and calculate your […]

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Hang around a inkwell

How do they expect anyone to recover without the aid of natural stimulants? Don't they realise that it is dangerous to suddenly totally deprive a man of all his pleasures at once? I have been sitting here at home for weeks attempting to get over the trauma of my recent hospitalisation, feeling weak and confused. […]

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