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Beautification Bull

I’m a bit late with this. I spotted it before the holiday, but got a bit tied up. Lucky me!

Anyway, here is a translation of a report on Liuzhou Television’s website detailing the next stage of the wanton destruction reconstruction of the city. The original article (in Chinese) is here.

Note how they are emphasising the “more beautiful” aspect. In fact, they have no plan for any real development other than turning the city into another anonymous, anodyne, sterile copy of every other city in China. It’s all face. More empty ‘development.’

In the meantime, homes and small, cheaper shops are destroyed, turning the city centre into a desert without character or community.

Read and weep!


Liuzhou’s Tidy-Up Plan for this year has been decided. All districts will have to invest more to beautify small streets and lanes.

2005-4-30 Liuzhou Net, CHINA

The Liuzhou “Three Ways of Tidying Up” Office has announced to the media its general plan for this year. The main idea is to deepen the tidying-up and leave no corner for untidiness and to encourage all districts to invest more to clean their own door steps.

Since May 2003 a big “ Tidy Up ” project has been underway in Liuzhou focusing on “illegal occupation of roads for various commercial purposes”, “ city parking order” and “road and transport market”. As a result, the whole appearance of the city has improved greatly. However cases of breaking the rules still occur every now and then. From May this year, the project will enter its third year and the city government has decided to keep up its determination to tidy up the city and deepen the changes, using social forces.

To “Dress up” old buildings

According to the plan, the Central District will carry out a “Dressing Up” project on four residential buildings for staff of the Pricing Bureau spreading along Mid Shuguang Road, East Shuguang Road and Wenhui Road. Shops belonging to the former Gardening Bureau along Wantang Road will be demolished and changed into gardens. The new high-tech district will be the main target of the tidying up process.

The main target for the Northern District is the area around Liuzhou Steel Factory. The illegal waste recycling collection shops will have to disappear. Hopefully through this scenery transformation, a new more modern looking factory will appear. The fences in front of the building of People’s Bank of China on Sanzhong Road will be pulled down and a garden will be created to replace them. The old gate and walls of Liuzhou Suburban Committee will be demolished. The bookshop and baker’s shop nearby will be “dressed up”. The illegal shops along Bayi Road and Guangya Road will be destroyed. The whole Jinxiu Road will have to be transformed. So will Yuejin area.

In Yufeng District, the whole Liaoyuan Road and Jianpan Road will be transformed with “Five Roads Junctions” given more attention to. Pinshan Residential area will also be included in the transformation.

In the Southern District, buildings on either side of Hongguang Bridge will be “dressed up”. The whole Chengzhan Road will be tidied up and transformed. So will be Hexi residential area. However the focus will be on the old airport area.

Three markets will be the first in Market Transformation

Combined with the city reconstruction, three new ways of beautifying the city will be explored this year. They are:

  1. To transform areas of peasants’ shops along the roads to increase green belts.
  2. To move away some residential buildings to make the street look better.
  3. To remove some lower smaller looking houses in the whole area to make old face of the city look better.

Currently traditional markets look dirty and messy so they need to be transformed. Plans of how to transform them have been decided and three markets; Guangya, Huangcun and Donghuan will be the first to undergo changes. The principle is to change the dirty, messy look of the traditional markets but not to change them into supermarkets which has proved not to the taste of Liuzhou people.


They might just find that their beautification also proves not to the taste of Liuzhou people.

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