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Liuzhou Girl Many years ago I came to a startling conclusion. It would take a team of scientists from many fields (or David Attenborough) to confirm my theory, but I’m convinced.

Chinese men and Chinese women are members of completely different species.

Well, you are probably wondering what evidence I can provide to support this astonishing claim. Easy.I was sitting on my favourite corner this afternoon, watching the world go by. I was beginning to suffer from serious whiplash as I spun my head to watch all the absolutely gorgeous women who walked past. Beautiful, elegant, cool, sexy, stylish.

(I have to mention here that I was merely observing out of academic interest. I have already married the most beautiful, elegant, cool, sexy, stylish woman in all of China! I have to say that! She reads this.)

Just as I was thinking of making an appointment with the local neck specialist or having an emergency ‘haircut’, I happened to spot something out of the corner of my eye. There was a man in his mid-thirties standing yelling into his mobile phone.

“Wei! Wei! Wei!”

He was fashionably dressed in the standard garb. Shapeless greyish-blue trousers with the waistband around his nipples and the crotch around his knees. From his belt hung the obligatory bunch of keys. His shoes were slip-ons bearing hideous gold flim flam. And of course, he was carrying a handbag.

But what really topped it all off and added that certain je ne sais quoi was the shocking pink crash helmet he was wearing.

I broke with tradition and started observing the males. Now, I do not claim to be the height of fashion or elegance myself, but there are limits. All the women I saw had obviously shopped and dressed with care and taste. All the men had obviously borrowed their elder, and much stockier brothers’ cast off rags.

I had intended illustrating this little rant with a more balanced selection of pictures of both species, but I didn’t have my camera with me and to my astonishment, while I have filed hundreds of pictures of the local female species, I seem to have mislaid my pictures of the males.

I may have more to say on this theory later.

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