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Yesterday Once More #2

Things must indeed be quiet in China over the holidays. So desperate are the newspapers to fill their pages that they have taken to repeating old stories as if they are new.

Spot the difference between these two stories on HIV/Aids in Liuzhou.

The first,  from People’s Daily 4th May 2005, begins:

Tan Meirong never expected her job as a gynecologist would take her to beauty parlors in the city’s “red-light” district for friendly little chats with prostitutes.

The second, from China Daily 23rd February 2005 begins:

Never did Qin Meirong, a gynaecologist in South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, expect that some day she would be involved in locating brothels disguised as hair salons or massage parlours and, less so, would make friends with prostitutes there.

You have to admire the excellent grammatical changes to the sentence structure to create a new story, and how clever of them to subtly change the doctor’s name!

The two stories continue at length with only minor differences such as unimportant detail on the statistics on HIV incidence in Liuzhou. I commented on this story when it first appeared in February and at that time conjectured that they might be making all the figures up. Now I’m sure.

This is the second time recently that I have come across old stories repeated as if new. See Yesterday Once More #1 for the first.

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