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Get sick, get well

One of the advantages of being in China when you are sick is that there is no shortage of people to diagnose your malady, offer suggestions as to treatment and calculate your chances of recovery. As you sit in the hospital consultation room being examined, there is an endless stream of health experts wandering in […]

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Beautification Bull

I’m a bit late with this. I spotted it before the holiday, but got a bit tied up. Lucky me! Anyway, here is a translation of a report on Liuzhou Television’s website detailing the next stage of the wanton destruction reconstruction of the city. The original article (in Chinese) is here. Note how they are […]

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Liuzhou Anthropology

Many years ago I came to a startling conclusion. It would take a team of scientists from many fields (or David Attenborough) to confirm my theory, but I’m convinced. Chinese men and Chinese women are members of completely different species. Well, you are probably wondering what evidence I can provide to support this astonishing claim. […]

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Yesterday Once More #2

Things must indeed be quiet in China over the holidays. So desperate are the newspapers to fill their pages that they have taken to repeating old stories as if they are new. Spot the difference between these two stories on HIV/Aids in Liuzhou. The first,  from People’s Daily 4th May 2005, begins: Tan Meirong never […]

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Misplaced Windbags – Update

Not 24 hours after posting my thing on Misplaced Windbags, I wander into a different part of the city centre to meet a friend. Immediately opposite the restaurant in which we have arranged to meet is a bar – What is going on around here? As you can imagine, this is one place that is […]

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Misplaced Windbags

Point a) Despite being of Scottish origin, or perhaps because of it, I loathe bagpipe music. Why anyone would consider the sound of a cow with laryngitis being strangled without benefit of anaesthetic in any way artistic, is totally beyond me. Let's face it, the bagpipe was invented to instill holy terror into potential enemies, […]

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Tibetan “Ambassador” Comes Out

I’m not even going to bother commenting on this lovely piece of drivel from China Culture an offshoot of our good friends, China Daily, other than to say that I’m fairly willing to bet that they don’t really know what “to come out” can mean. First Tibetan Tourist Imaging Ambassador came out (2005-04-30) On April […]

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