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Yesterday Once More #1

I’m suffering from a sense of déjà vu (or “Yesterday Once More Syndrome”, as it’s known round here).

This morning there is a story on Chinese state “news” agency, Xinhua’s website concerning Liuzhou. Under the headline “French firm plans truck venture” is a report which begins:

BEIJING, April 25 — French firm Renault Trucks plans to launch a joint venture with Dong Feng Liuzhou Automobile Ltd to manufacture heavy-duty trucks in China, a Renault manager said yesterday.
I think to myself that this seems highly familiar news and do a little digging around. Sure enough I find a Renault Trucks press release which begins:

28/01/2004 : A new agreement between DongFeng and Renault Trucks   

On January 27th, 2004, Renault Trucks concluded a frame agreement for a joint venture with Dongfeng Motors that will enable Renault Trucks to take a stake in the capital of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motors Co. Ltd (DFLZ).

Obviously Xinhua are so busy not reporting on riots, unrest and dissent, that they have no time to write real stories. What better way to solve the problem than to raid the archives?  I’m looking forward to that exclusive on the decision to build a great wall across northern China!

P.S. “French” firm, Renault Trucks has been part of the somewhat Swedish, Volvo Group since 2001.

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