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Free Beer!

This afternoon I was approached by someone who wanted me to round up all the foreigners in town and invite them for free beer in one of Liuzhou’s more expensive bars!

You’d think that would be easy. However, being of the cynical frame of mind, I dig a little deeper.

There are two possible areas of difficulty with”Free Beer.”

a) Free.

b) Beer.

A) Free. It has been said that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Well, if that’s true, you can bet your last yuan that free beer is equally unlikely. Of course, it turns out that they are generally trying to promote their bar and think that the presence of a couple of dozen bizarre foreigners may attract more customers (looking for free English lessons, passport-providing spouses etc.) Well, I think that’s a fair enough price. After all, I’m already married and have developed cast iron defences against the free lesson brigade. I just ask them what they do for a living, then ask if they do it for free. They usually get the point.

Anyway, back to the free beer point. I have taken advantage of such offers before and indeed several years ago, in Hunan, took part in a television advert for some beer or other. The two good things about the deal were that they never broadcast the advert in the area in which I lived and that they paid me in beer. As much as I could drink in three months. I was given a phone number and for three months all I had to do was call and within an hour a motorcycle messenger turned up with a crate of 12 bottles of their brew. They didn’t even flinch when I called several times a day! Even took the empties away!

B) Beer

Liquan BeerThe event is being sponsored by Budweiser. So maybe there is no beer. Plenty of yellow fizz, but no real beer. What is it about the bars around here? They all sell shit beer. Guangxi has a very palatable local beer, Liquan, available cheaply in every corner shop, but totally unobtainable in bars. Instead they happily charge fortunes for extremely bad import beer. Fashion – a plague on’t.

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