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Striktly Forbidden

One of the joys of travelling in China is that you get to visit so many interesting hotels. This being a business trip, I had to spend longer than I would prefer hanging around for people to finish banquets or wake up from their mid-day naps. But there is always so much to do in Chinese hotels.

My favourite activity, after scanning the 99 television channels, is to check out the hotel regulations. These are always posted somewhere and, although basically the same everywhere, have nuances of difference which as a professional linguist I find fascinating.

Here is part of the forbidden list in my hotel in Haikou

Click here for the full regulations

In order to assist me avoid the temptation of “postitution” or adultery, the hotel kindly supplied me a card listing the delights offered by the in-house brothel massage parlour. These included Japanese massage, European massage and Turkish massage. All these United Nations of services were presumably supplied by some of the crowd of very Chinese looking young ladies with slightly too much makeup who were packing the lobby as I returned from an evening meeting.

One new touch, I spotted. There was a notice warning guests not to accept phone calls from people you don’t know. How do you know if you don’t answer it? Duh!

It has long been my habit in Chinese hotels to take the phone off the hook anyway. Twenty-seven phone calls a night asking if I require a “friend” does nothing for my beauty sleep. This hotel suggested that, should I receive such calls, I should report them to the front desk (who would presumably send me an authorised version!)

I have come across this before. A few years ago, in Shenzhen, I had a short conference in my hotel room with my female translator before a meeting. (Really! No sniggering in class!) The hotel staff kept knocking on the door with lame excuses as to why they were there. Obviously an attempt to preserve the morality of the hotel. Later that night, the same guy knocked on my door and asked if I wanted a “friend”. Like everything else, it’s forbidden unless they are making a buck!


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