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Departure Time Uncertain

Well, I got back from Hainan. Just.

Hainan AirlinesI was sitting on the plane at Haikou airport, speeding down the runway, feeling that rush from the acceleration pushing me back into the seat, when either the pilot or the automatic systems decided to abort the take off at the last possible second. Now I know why they insist on seat belts. It nearly cut me in half.

I am a nervous flier at the best of times, but especially on internal flights in China. I have, however, worked out an ingenious system to know whether to panic or not.

I watch the flight attendants. If they look worried, it’s time to panic. And this time I was in the front seat, only inches from the flight attendant facing me. She was totally professional but I saw the brief look of “Holy Shit, this isn’t meant to happen!” or the Chinese equivalent.

Anyway, we shuddered to a halt and were told to get out. Now!

Five hours later they managed to find another plane and take us home. In the meantime, they gave me a hotel room to “rest” and even supplied an excellent meal.

Of course I got to Nanning too late to catch the bus to Liuzhou, but I was, at least, alive.

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