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Weather Names

SunnyI was going to write about something else, but just as I got myself comfortable and was waiting for inspiration to strike, a short message (SMS) arrived on my mobile phone.

It was from an employee whom I had been trying to contact earlier to see if she was free to work on a rush job. I quote it in full:

i am shopping. met summer and sunny

Aside from the lazy lack of capitals, I was somewhat bemused as to why she was giving me a weather report. Further investigation revealed that summer and sunny are in fact two of her friends, who have adopted these clement monickers as their English names.

RakeI am not the first, nor shall I be last to comment on the ridiculous names Chinese youngsters give themselves, but I would like to leave you with a couple of my favourites: a rather large and scruffy boy by the name of Wendy and another young man of questionable sanity who insisted his English name was Rake. I assumed that he thought it perfectly suited his (non-existent) dissolute lifestyle, but it turned out that it referred to the gardening implement. Don’t ask!

P.S. Summer is male, Sunny is female and they are a couple! Bless!

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