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China’s Language Learning and Laowai Lunatics

One of the perils of living in China over a long period is the number of completely unstable foreigners you meet. I have met many people here who were lovely, but I have also met more than my fair share of complete lunatics. Here follows a tale of one of the minor examples. Recently, in […]

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Holiday Con

Once again, we have the twice-yearly holiday rip-off. We are informed that we are being given seven days’ holiday to mark May 1st, International Labour Day. Great, except it isn’t true. After the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), the two most important public holidays are May Day and China’s National Day (October 1st). Prior to […]

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Death’s silence was profound

More unfathomable press reports (or lack of). In the early hours of Saturday morning, Liuzhou vice-mayor, Lu Yipeng was killed in a car accident on the Nanning – Beihai expressway, when the car he was travelling in ran into two trucks which had previously collided. In total, four people died: Lu, an official from Beihai […]

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Yesterday Once More #1

I’m suffering from a sense of déjà vu (or “Yesterday Once More Syndrome”, as it’s known round here). This morning there is a story on Chinese state “news” agency, Xinhua’s website concerning Liuzhou. Under the headline “French firm plans truck venture” is a report which begins: BEIJING, April 25 — French firm Renault Trucks plans […]

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万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万万 At some time during last night, to my delight but astonishment, this humble blog received its 10,000th visitor since I started it back in December 2004. While I realise this is tiny compared to the number of hits on more illustrious China blogs, it still comes as a great surprise. I only ever expected […]

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Free Beer!

This afternoon I was approached by someone who wanted me to round up all the foreigners in town and invite them for free beer in one of Liuzhou’s more expensive bars! You’d think that would be easy. However, being of the cynical frame of mind, I dig a little deeper. There are two possible areas […]

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Striktly Forbidden

One of the joys of travelling in China is that you get to visit so many interesting hotels. This being a business trip, I had to spend longer than I would prefer hanging around for people to finish banquets or wake up from their mid-day naps. But there is always so much to do in […]

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Departure Time Uncertain

Well, I got back from Hainan. Just. I was sitting on the plane at Haikou airport, speeding down the runway, feeling that rush from the acceleration pushing me back into the seat, when either the pilot or the automatic systems decided to abort the take off at the last possible second. Now I know why […]

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On The Road Again

I'm going for a trip! Tomorrow, I fly to Hainan for a business meeting. In my first two or three years in China, I spent every available break from work travelling. North, South, East and West. It was sometimes fun, sometimes not. I've done all the major tourist things. Some twice. But eventually, I got […]

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Weather Names

I was going to write about something else, but just as I got myself comfortable and was waiting for inspiration to strike, a short message (SMS) arrived on my mobile phone. It was from an employee whom I had been trying to contact earlier to see if she was free to work on a rush […]

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