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Children of the Revolution

Liuzhou's local government/party have announced that they will celebrate Children's Day (June 1st) by holding a Revolutionary Song Contest! That is to say the songs will be revolutionary, not the contest! Singing some ancient songs praising the long dead heroes of the revolution will, they claim, stimulate the city's young people to “inherit the revolutionary […]

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Sgt. Peeper’s

A blog here regarding an Asianised cover for a Beatles album prompts this. Whatever the arguments over pirated music here in China, one had to admire the skills of the pirates in subtly copying artwork. Not only do they faultlessly reproduce the original sleeves, but also introduce some judicious improvements. Sgt. Peeper's! Sgt Peeper's Lonely […]

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Residential Devastation

I’m devastated! For years now, I’ve gone through the annual ritual of renewing my legal residence status in China. This involved renewing my “Alien Resident’s Permit”, which came in the form of a small green book. It was a relatively straightforward task. They just made sure I was still me and stamped a new page, […]

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Fortress Besieged

“Marriage is like a fortress besieged: those who are outside want to get in, and those who are inside want to get out.” I am happy to inform my friends in the UK that my favourite Chinese novel, Fortress Besieged, is about to be published for the first time in Britain. 围城 wéi chéng by […]

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Lavatorial Laurels

I have been mildly chastised and my credentials have been questioned in a comment on my previous entry on the Liuzhou Laurels. Was I remiss in not including a Best/Worst Toilet category? So it may seem. However, there was a good reason for this! In an effort to win the coveted prize, LZ local government […]

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Liuzhou Laurels

The votes are in and counted! The star-packed gala awards ceremony has not been arranged. It's time for the Laowai Laurels 2005! Laowai Laurels are awarded to Liuzhou organisations (or LZ branches of national organisations) who have provided outstanding service over the past 12 months, as voted for by the ever growing laowai community. Either […]

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Left Hand Advances

In a page on my website, I make a tongue-in-cheek reference to left-handedness being illegal in China. Clearly this was meant as a joke. Now, a group in a forum on a California Martial Arts website have come across it and seem to be taking it somewhat too seriously. That said, it is true that […]

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Police give/collect reward

I'm surely not the only person to have smiled cynically at this story from our friends at China Daily. It seems that the authorities have paid out a reward of 200,000 to two informers from Guangxi who turned in their drug dealing mate. What got me was this paragraph. “The two tipsters did not appear […]

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Festive Females

Here’s wishing everyone with the appropriate anatomy a Happy Woman’s Day. They certainly love their festivals and special days around here. It seems everyone is included in some festival or other. In addition to the usual Mother’s and Father’s Days, we also have Teacher’s Day, Army Day, Children’s Day, Youth Day, Dead People’s Day, Foreigner’s […]

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Peach Blossom Surrealism

Another day, another month. Today was bizarre. A bunch of the local laowai were invited along to a “Peach Blossom Festival”. As far as I could work out in advance, this was going to involve descending on some bit of countryside and looking at flowers. As Billy Connolly said when he was still funny, “Appreciate! […]

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