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Horrible to look at accident scene

I’ve mentioned China’s appalling road accident statistics before, but this has been a particularly bad week in Liuzhou.

Yesterday, around noon, I took a bus to Shatang village, about 21 kilometres north of the city centre. Just before my stop, we passed a truck lying on its side with its (over)load of sugar cane spread across the road. I could see that the driver and what appeared to be a small child were still inside, struggling to get out. No-one was paying any attention. At least, they looked alive.

Today, I read in my paper that five people were killed the day before, only a short distance from Shatang. It seems that their vehicle swerved off the road during the night, but were not discovered until 9 am. The report includes a picture (now deleted), helpfully captioned “Horrible to look at accident scene.”

On Saturday, in the city itself, three people were killed when two minivans ploughed into a group of people on a pedestrian crossing. Two others were injured. Two of the victims were dancers with Liuzhou Song and Dance Troupe.

I wish I could say that this is unusual, but… To be honest, given the atrocious driving I see every day, I’m surprised that there are not more accidents.

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