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Sex and the Contemporary Woman (and her man)

As I rise from my sick bed, two stories grab my attention…

The first, from News Guangdong details the results of a survey carried out by the Chinese Sexology Society and the Chinese Medical Association on “Sex and the Contemporary Chinese Woman.” The second, an old story from China Daily last September, is entitled “Impotent Chinese too shy to see doctor.”

The women’s survey reveals the “surprising”  information that a “high rate – 74.1 percent – of Chinese women enhance their sex lives by masturbation.” I’m not sure why this is surprising, but a clue to its necessity may be found in the other report.

Acccording to Jiang Hui, deputy director of the reproductive centre in Beijing People’s Hospital, “more than half of Chinese men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point.” The article goes on to discuss how this affects the sufferers’ lives (doesn’t mention their partners) before getting down to dealing with the causes.

“Wang Yixin, professor with the Shanghai Andrology Research Centre, said that 80 percent of cases in China were physical while the other 20 percent are caused by psychological factors such as stress and depression.”

“He said the only major barrier to Chinese patients was the expense of treatment — Viagra, cost nearly 100 yuan (6.74 pounds) a tablet.”

I have an alternative treatment which, if I could only patent it, would make me rich.

Lay off the Baijiu for a night or two!

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