Liuzhou Laowai

Random thoughts on life in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China


Things have been quiet on the Laowai front of late.

Miserable weather and a stinking cold have forced me to keep a low profile.

The upside to having an exploding head, dribbling nose and seismic shakes is that I have cut well back on my disgustng nicotine intake!

Here is my brand of choice – 阿诗玛 ā shī mā.

The brand is named after the heroine of a popular Yunnan folk tale. A clever and pretty girl, Ashima, and a young man, Ahei, love each other deeply. Azhi, son of the village leader, admires Ashima and detains her. But Ashima insists on her love for Ahei and won’t give up to Azhi’s power. Azhi proposes a song contest with Ahei (as you do) but he loses and has to set Ashima free. While the couple are “enjoying their success” by a river, Azhi uses his power to flood the river and drown Ashima. She later turns into a statue (of course!)

This lovely and romantic tale is not, however, the reason I chose this particular brand from the hundreds available. I was just amused by the name, which in the local dialect is pronounced “Asthma!” Seems appropriate!

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