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Power Tool Man and the Finger Game Scum

Well, the good news is that Power Tool Man, my neighbour upstairs, is moving out. I know this because, I was lying in my bed this morning at 5:30, I was not awakened by the usual sounds of PTM and Mrs PTM going through their customary 5:30 rituals of drilling holes in the wall and […]

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Sex and Drugs and (no) Rock ‘n Roll

I've been puzzling over this all day. There is a somewhat confusing article in China Daily today (23rd February) on HIV/AIDS and drug abuse in Liuzhou. According to the article, “…Liuzhou has, since the 1980s, become a passage for narcotics trafficking from the notorious Golden Triangle. The city has a population of 3.64 million, and […]

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Improve your vocabulary! Or be shot!

At last I find a really useful vocabulary list. Courtesy of the PLA, this is essential reading for anyone wishing to improve their Chinese or English! I can see myself using a few of these in the supermarket at the weekend. Click here. Sadly, this invaluable resource has been deleted by the authorities after many […]

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I had to laugh. I know I shouldn’t, but… I was walking home this morning and, for some reason, my eye happened to fall on one motorcycle in the scrum of motorcycles which was passing. The rider was chatting on his mobile phone as he went along, “controlling” his bike with one hand. He was […]

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Horrible to look at accident scene

I’ve mentioned China’s appalling road accident statistics before, but this has been a particularly bad week in Liuzhou. Yesterday, around noon, I took a bus to Shatang village, about 21 kilometres north of the city centre. Just before my stop, we passed a truck lying on its side with its (over)load of sugar cane spread […]

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It has been an interesting week. Wednesday was, as you no doubt know, the first day of the Chinese New Year. Celebrations started the night before and since then I have been bouncing from one meal to another. After a while they tended to merge together. The food was wonderful, but largely the same at […]

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My body

Those who know me will tell you that I am of the slim nature. To tell you the truth, I could, if I so chose, make a small fortune as a model for anorexia treatment ads and appeals for the starving around the world. OK! I’m thin! What about it? It is not lack of […]

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Mao’s Last Supper

EastSouthWestNorth‘s post today on the appropriation of Da Vinci’s last supper for a fashion ad reminds me of yet another (and dare I say less crass) recreation of Milan’s favourite interior decoration. Click on Picture to Enlarge This was created by artist, Zhang Hongtu who graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts in […]

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Sex and the Contemporary Woman (and her man)

As I rise from my sick bed, two stories grab my attention… The first, from News Guangdong details the results of a survey carried out by the Chinese Sexology Society and the Chinese Medical Association on “Sex and the Contemporary Chinese Woman.” The second, an old story from China Daily last September, is entitled “Impotent […]

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Things have been quiet on the Laowai front of late. Miserable weather and a stinking cold have forced me to keep a low profile. The upside to having an exploding head, dribbling nose and seismic shakes is that I have cut well back on my disgustng nicotine intake! Here is my brand of choice – […]

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