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A man’s a man for a’ that!

When he wasn’t too busy making cakes, Kipling famously wrote “East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet” This is obviously nonsense. East and west most certainly meet. Just watch the tourists at Greenwich Observatory every day having their pictures taking straddling the mean line. But then, I suppose he didn’t mean it literally.

A bit bored in the post-Christmas hangover, I did a bit of googling and came across this decidedly non-Kiplingesque organisation. Chinese-Scottish. Here we have an outfit who celebrate Robert Burns’ birthday and the Chinese Spring Festival simultaneously. The menu offers such delights as haggis served with plum or sweet and sour sauces!

I am of Scottish descent and I have to say that it came to me as no surprise to learn that the organisation is Canadian. It was well known when I was a kid that the only people you ever saw wearing kilts in Edinburgh were Canadian tourists.

As a true Scot, I think I’ll stick to Luosifen

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